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  Argentina Custom Knives is a website devoted to promote selected Argentine knifemakers and their top quality work.

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  Ariel Salaverria Custom Knives
Unique Designs In Damascus and Mokume
Available Knives
from Ariel
  Ruben Calo Custom Knives
Artistic Yet Usable Knives
Available Knives
from Ruben
  Ariel's knives are individually crafted and completely hand made on his small shop. Making knives exclusively in his own forged damascus steels, Ariel has shown that his innovative mind knows no boundaries on the combination of different metals parts he uses to create his robusts yet stylish blades.   Ruben creates his own designs and doesn't replicate them, making each one his knives a unique piece. With a vast experience in jewerly and engraving, his work caters to a select audience that apreciate not only the knives designs, but also the careful attention to details and materials used.  
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